Tips To Super Bowl Sunday 2019 in Atlanta

The Super Bowl countdown is on! Here, I am going to share some of my tips and ideas for hosting the best Super Bowl party in town.  From how to send invites to small tips to make sure your house stays stain-free, I am going to share it all. 

But before I go into my Martha Stewart-like advice, I also wanted to invite anyone in the area to join me and my hubby at his  Super Bowl Party....The Ric Flair Blitz tailgate party at Hard Rock Cafe in Downtown Atlanta.  The tickets are limited and will sell out, so make sure to grab your friends or family and buy your tickets here

Now back to my tips to host the Best Super Bowl party


Whether you are hosting a  Super Bowl party or an impromptu get together with friends, here are some of my personal tips to host the easiest and best party around.

If your Super Bowl plans are already set, save this list and file it away for the next party you host at your home. 

Here is the Wonderous Wendy Super Bowl Hosting Tricks from yours truly..

1. Text Your Invite

When I plan a party at my home, I always use text messages for the invites. Come up with a cute little invite including the Why? Super Bowl Party, The Where? home of Ric Flair and Wonderous Wendy, the When? Not any earlier than 3 pm :) and other details like that. Suggest taking an Uber so they don't have to worry about driving home (and you don't have to worry about having enough parking and annoying your neighbors).  

I prefer text to email because it is more personal and you will likely get a faster response  

2. Think and Plan ahead.

How many people have said they will be attending?  How is your furniture and tv space set up? Assess the area, and start moving furniture to widen the space.  I always make sure to bring in extra chairs and even put a number of big pillows or cushions in various spots on the floor so people can just plop down wherever. I recommend doing this the day before. This way you are not scrambling last minute. Depending on your home, this may take some creative maneuvering, but anything is possible. The most important thing to remember is that you want your guests to feel relaxed and comfortable. 

3. Dust and wipe.

Even if your home is spotless, there are some areas that you may not have gotten around to cleaning. And in this case, the TV is the most important one. Dust the entire entertainment system and use electronic wipes to give your big flatscreen a squeaky clean and extra shiny look. This goes for the speakers too. Trust me, this makes a difference. If no one else notices it, you will:). 

4. Stow Away anything breakable.

Drinks are flowing, people are getting excited and BOOM, your favorite glass shatters when the Rams score a touchdown. Avoid this scenario by going around and removing anything and everything that is near the tables and party area. Better safe than sorry. 

5. Same goes for Stains.

While it is inevitable that drinks will spill and a wing or two may end up on the floor, you can take precautions to make sure you aren't left with a stain.  This one can be difficult to master depending on your floors and space. Since I have hardwood floors, a spill is an easy fix. Carpet, however, is a whole different story. If you have an area rug, I would roll it up and store it for the night. If not, keep carpet cleaner on hand to catch the stains before they set in. 

6. Food/ Drinks

Be prepared for ordering lots of Pizza! Chips and dips are a great snack to have on hand to keep your guests satisfied. Mix it up and do a variety of dips...especially if you have some good homemade recipes up your sleeve. To counteract the salty snacks, always have plenty of candy on hand for a quick sweet. As for drinks, keep it simple. Beer, vodka, wine and mixers like soda, OJ and Cranberry Juice will do the trick. Cut up some limes to use for garnish and most importantly: don’t forget to stock up on ice. 

7. Send Fido on a Play Date

As much fun as your dog may be, it is going to make the party much less stressful without worrying about your pooch. Not only can dogs get stressed out with the chaos of the people in your home, but you also need to think about your guests. Some people are allergic to animals or may even have a phobia of dogs. To avoid any issues, I always take my dog to his favorite pet hotel for the night, but you could ask a family member or friend to watch your pup during the game.


Hope you enjoyed some of my party tips and have a great Super Bowl Sunday! 



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